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Shyam Our Ceramic Artisan - An inspiring journey of passion and opportunity

Shyam Our Ceramic Artisan - An inspiring journey of passion and opportunity

Shyam Sunder Prajapati's journey embodies the spirit of perseverance and passion. Born into a lineage of traditional potters nestled in the quaint town of Thimi Bhaktapur, Nepal, Shyam's story is a testament to the transformative power of opportunity.

At the age of 13, Shyam's academic journey came to an abrupt halt due to waning interest, leading him to explore different vocations. His quest for purpose led him to the world of craftsmanship, where he initially dabbled in furniture making but found himself yearning for more.

Fortune smiled upon him when his uncle, a revered ceramic producer associated with a Fair Trade Cooperative, introduced him to the art of pottery making. With determination blazing in his heart, Shyam embarked on a six-month training program, mastering the intricacies of clay moulding, glazing, firing, and finishing.

His humble beginnings saw him assisting in various production tasks, gradually honing his skills and deepening his connection to his craft. Despite facing challenges in the local terracotta market, Shyam's dedication never wavered. He dutifully supported his family while nurturing dreams of a brighter future.

The Cooperative became Shyam's beacon of hope, offering him avenues for growth and learning. Under its nurturing umbrella, he ascended from a novice to a Ceramic Supervisor, embracing every opportunity for advancement with gratitude. A pivotal moment arrived when he received specialised training in producing Stoneware from a seasoned ceramic expert from Japan. This newfound expertise not only enriched his repertoire but also kindled a fire of optimism within him.

In 2021, Shyam took a bold leap of faith, venturing into entrepreneurship by establishing his own production workshop. Armed with a vision and a commitment to excellence, he carved out a space where creativity thrived, and dreams took shape in the form of exquisite ceramics.

Yet, amidst his individual success, Shyam remained tethered to his roots, maintaining a symbiotic relationship with his workplace. His workshop not only became a hub of innovation but also a cornerstone for ensuring consistent quality across all Cooperative ceramics.

As he reflects Handmade Fair Trade Mugon his journey, Shyam's gratitude knows no bounds. He credits the Cooperative for instilling in him a sense of confidence and purpose, shaping him into the artisan he is today. With each creation, Shyam not only crafts ceramics but also weaves a narrative of resilience, determination, and unwavering faith in the power of opportunity.

Anav's new upcoming range of Fair Trade mugs, being lovingly crafted by Shyam and his team at the Cooperative, symbolises not just the union of craftsmanship and conscience but also the triumph of hope over hardship.


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